Vortex Geometry

Vortex Geometry is a unique vortex shedding frame geometry providing a twisted aerodynamic profile in the hoop reflexively tracing the biomechanics of your stroke increasing racket head speed and manoeuvrability.

XTREME Tension Frame

Precision engineering and the utilisation of the finest construction materials ensures your Carlton frame can accommodate 11% higher string tensions compared with competitor frames.

Vectran Enhanced

Super elastic Vectran fibres are five times stronger than steel. Braided Vectran and Carbon fibres in the shaft increases elastic responsiveness, dramatically increasing power return for greater penetrative shot making.

Nanocell Enhanced

Unique resin system increases overall stiffness for enhanced shot precision. Extreme racket recoil velocity gives excellent manoeuvrability for ultimate speed and control.

Stabilisor Topcap

By introducing 4 convex channels into the top cap, stiffness of the top cap is increased allowing for greater shot accuracy and control.

TCS Torsion Control System

By flattening the T-joint section, torsional twist is minimised on shuttle impact providing a stable platform improving shot accuracy and control.

Pro V12 Grommet

Positioned at 3 and 9 o’clock these specialised grommets have been softened to allow greater string movement thereby increasing power across the hitting zone.


Concave channels increase shaft stability and flex response, whilst an enlarged gripping area improves comfort, dexterity, and manoeuvrability.

Aerodynamic Frame

By minimizing air resistance, Carlton’s aerodynamic frame increases your swing speed. Faster strokes allow you to react faster for better net play and defence. With higher precision, you can maximize the power transfer in your high-speed games.

High Repulsion Shaft

High Repulsion Shaft is engineered with the highest precision in shaft manufacturing ensuring 360 degrees balanced graphite layups. Higher power and increased precision is achieved by blending the optimum flexibility and kick point of your Carlton racket shaft every time you swing it.

Japanese Hotmelt Graphite

Japanese Hi Modulus Graphite is the highest specification carbon available on the market treated with High pressurized heat for better graphite fusion ensuring your Carlton frame will outperform all other construction materials for frame response and stability.

Bi-Axial Dynamics

Carlton’s Bi-Axial Dynamic frame develops more efficient aerodynamics in both directions compared to competitor frames. This increased efficiency is delivered through a cross sectional frame profile that is more aerodynamic than competitors frames. During development, over 80% of players stated the new Bi-Axial frame profile delivered increased swing speed.

M24 JHM Graphite

M24 grade Japanese High Modulus Graphite in engineered with new formulation of high resilient resin and high tensile graphite sheets, giving your Carlton an edge in performance, strength and durability without compromising better feel.

Wide Body Frame

Carlton’s widebody frame design combines power frame profile and better anti-torque on the frame throat. Improves overall playability by giving you a solid hitting feel and provide extra power to your swing effortlessly.

Box Frame

The structural integrity of Carlton’s box frame gives you more torsional stability and durability for your racket. With optimized sweet spot, you get more dampening for fast swings and more repulsion for slow swings.

Ultra -Thin Tapered Shaft

Innovative carbon layup and resin system enables the creation of the thinnest shaft available. The constant taper shaft provides optimum energy return with less drag for superior speed and power.

Hi-Flex Carbon

Carlton’s Hi-Flex carbon is a modern take to create lighter weight carbon material. We achieved the optimal ratio of carbon tensile strength and flexibility by infusing synthetic polymer technology into the overall racket structure.