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About Us



When Carlton introduced the first modern-day metal badminton racket (utilising grommets) a new era of modern badminton equipment design was born. Unique, distinctive, and functional, the racket began to shape Carlton’s company heritage which has seen it become established globally as the Specialist Badminton Brand.

Many groundbreaking innovative products including the world’s first synthetic shuttlecock and the launch of the first truly one-piece graphite racket ensured Carlton remained at the cutting edge of badminton equipment design.

The iconic 3.7s was the world’s No.1 racket gracing virtually every badminton court globally during the 1980s, a fitting tribute to a brand that has been manufacturing specialist badminton equipment for over 50 years.

Carlton equipment designs and technologies provide a window into the future of badminton and 2024 is no exception. The 2024 range meets the demands of all player styles and abilities and keeps Carlton at the forefront of the modern badminton consumer.